Punk Groups

And Adjacent Clusters

The slo punks were a varied lot, a wild and colorful venn diagram with people falling into all manner of shaded (or shady) subgroups. A great pleasure of being a punk is the entire absence of a requirement to fit into a mold. By participating in any number of kooky subgroups, one could always find a unique niche. Assholes need not apply, but then, there are Fred and Rob anyway.

Perhaps Russ captured it best when he spoke at a Punk Reunion about ThisThingWeHave.

Largely Overlapping

BigPurpleOnion Productions Everyone who ever made a show happen
FringePunks Never a household name, but always watching from the edge. They know how we compare to society at large for they had a foot in each pond
Gamers It was always about the dice
Geeks It was always about the code
The Hanford Boys Have you met them all?
LambdaSigmaDelta What a rush!
NakedPunks Outlandish absence of suits and a feindish love of SycamoreSprings
Orbitals Fucking cliquey bastards
The OrgyPunks Naughty naughty naughty
The PicnicPunks Milk at Spikes
RHPSCast Everyone who every appeared on stage
RHPSTrannies Anyone who ran the isles with flashlights and wore less than their mother would approve
Subgenii Praise Bob! (BobDobbs)

A Bit Overlapping

ACM Association for Computing Machinery which means the local chapter of the national organization for students in CalPolyComputerScience
Butterzone Bay Area collective, instrumental in feeding Fandango at BurningMan
ChickenSoup Bay Area collective
Fandango Bay Area collective
HoundsHaven RenFaire collective
The LittleHavanaBoys ChuckReynolds, SteveBaxter, ScotHudson, RobLint, KrishnaMartins, OttoTheFlea, FightingJesus, TheZim, TheTatooedBeatMessiah, ChrisSchlemmer (TheSchlem), IvanPower
The MooseClub Are you a Cardinal? Theresa, Marcos, Richard
MoTown Bringing shitty Beer back to the punks
PestoNW Dinner collective in Seattle
Stargaze Techno family


This grouping seems too course. A single blob might be better. Perhaps if we could find just the right names.

The punks are incestuous. The groups have soft boundaries, people participate sporatically, new groups form and recoalesce or split off and become independent. It's freak'n organic! It don't paint inside the lines! What's a FUCKING HISTORIAN TO DO?!?

An entire Wiki dedicated to SLO RHPS would be a Good Thing(tm)

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