Punk Wiki Conventions

If you're thinking of adding to this wiki, please follow these guidelines.


Creating Links

To create a new page, edit an existing document and add a link to it. Any words that are in MixedCaseLikeThis will automatically be turned into links by the wiki. That's it!


The wiki is whitespace sensitive!! If you do some formatting but it doesn't come out right make sure there are no trailing whitspaces on your lines?


  1. If you don't know how to express something in wiki notation, find a page that does what you want to do in you page. Then click edit and look at how that page accomplishes your goal. Mimick that in your page. There is no such thing as plagarism in a wiki -- we all borrow and steal from one another.

  2. Always use the Preview button to preview your changes to a page. Save the page only when you are happy with your edits.

  3. Want to see what people have been doing? Click on the RecentChanges link at the top of the page.

  4. Smoke Bowl.

  5. Look at the bottom of the edit pages for quick reference on formatting inside the wiki.

  6. Feel free to correct grammar and spelling mistakes as you see them. Or not. Some of us find it hard to resist these urges.

  7. Wash your own brain.