Robert Kaye

The [WWW]Mayhem and Chaos Coordinator himself.

I spend my time working on MusicBrainz, pontificating internet, copyright and music technologies on my [WWW]blog, share my casual side with my friends on my [WWW]Live Journal page. BurningMan, JunkmailMan, DeepStupid, WednesdayNight keep me occupied when I don't spend time with JeanBalsz.

Do you need a reminder how much of a freak I am? Check out my [WWW]video collection.


Rob Kaye is arguably technology's only rear-view celebrity, with the back of his head having been photographed for a number of advertisements and other things (generally with a company or product logo buzzed into it).

Rob's company, MusicBrainz, received a Helix Grant from RealNetworks in 2004.

Rob co-founded the SputnikDrugInformationZone with DaveGross

He lived at Sputnik, TheMoon, and Tanglewood

Alleged participant in the LemosRanch project

Prime instigator behind CrashAndCompile

Former XingTechnology employee